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GEM MKII optical theremin, single square wave oscillator with light controllable frequency.  Improved case and added 12V pwr supply after MKI’s demand.

GEMs’ design pcbs are hand-casted in polyester resin and mounted to a wooden panel.

(Feb 2012) Sold out and no longer in production. GEM is used by underground musician Rohco (Japan) and Seattle’s Low Hums.

  Includes an onboard sawtooth LFO with attenuator and switch, a main (mono) output jack, and an external CV input jack.

Quilted panels are designed and stitched by Peter Woods (San Francisco) and varies in color.

GEM MkIIs have been used in a number of workshops and craft exhibits including Renegade Art Fair (SF), Girls Rock! Camp (OAK), Creative Growth (OAK), Meridian Gallery (SF).

Tom Tom Magazine features MEM on Issue #9 Beakmaker’s Issue, March 2012. Read here: Pg 1   Pg 2

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