MEM is currently upgrading power supply units installed in Monorocket’s eurorack cases, including Mission 9, Geminis, and 12U.

All upgrades by MEM are endorsed by Monorocket’s Steve Rightnour.

With the PSU upgrade, your case will be powered with Monorocket’s current configuration of 3500mA, +/-12V.  If you would like +5V installed to your case, please read on below.

How to upgrade yours: 

Email MEM at and let us know what you’ve got and what you’re looking to upgrade it to.  Include whether or not you want the new distro board replacement, and the size of your case.  Turnaround time is about 10 days for the labor, pending distro boards at hand.

5V options:

You can replace your distro boards with the new Monorocket distro boards which supply +5V on all rows.  The price of new boards will be added to the final upgrade cost. Or, you can keep your current distro boards and get a +5V adapter of your choice. (Erthenvar’s Free Lunch, Make Noise +5 adapter, Mutable Instruments Volts are all reliable choices). Your current distro boards will be left intact.


For domestic (USA) shipments, we recommend FedEx.  Pack your case with extra padding and peanuts! A fitted box inside of a full six inches of packing peanuts in another large box is not overkill.  To avoid any pressure that may cause damage to the mounting rails, hinges, etc, we suggest you pack the inside of the case with newspaper, or put clear tape around the edge where the hinges and keepers are mounted.

If you are outside of the USA, check for your best courier options and include in your email where you are shipping your case from.

RATES (AS OF 2015)

$160 for 6U / 9U standard upgrade without new bus boards, including return shipping to US. 
$280 for 9U upgrade with new bus boards, including return shipping to US. 

For Canada, Alaska, and elsewhere, shipping is upwards of an additional $65-130 depending on the courier. Your shipping rates will vary.

*These are upgrades only, and we do not perform “repairs” to your current PSU issues.  For problems on your existing power supply, try inquiring with the Monorocket support forum.*