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The functions are mostly identical to the original PALette, the synth we love to make.

The changes in V2 are realized through the notable improvements in circuit board design and manufacturing.

We are proud of the improvements, as all PCB mounted hardware are quality parts and the build is durable and reliable for touring. We added internal compensation for room temperature, so that the voltage controlled oscillators are in tune wherever you are.

PALette V2 uses matched transistors so that you get improved tracking with external 1v/octave CV keyboards, and we moved the patch panel to the front, making an accessible interface with 1/4″ cables.

Lastly and importantly, we maintained the original sound design of the PALette that we are passionate about!

(Have you heard some of our demos from V1? They are here on Soundcloud.)


Panel, 16″ wide x 9″ high; Height, 3.5″

You can now pre-order above and be the first to receive a PALette V2 when they become available. Please allow until late May as we complete the final stages of manufacture and processing of your order. If you have any questions before you move on any further, feel free to contact MEM and let us answer your questions!